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I intend to have their services shut off and never use them again!!!! We will never be back to Comcast again. We even got the bank rep involved with our payments, no one wanted to help and thought we were just making stuff up…..

She then said someone would call me back within the hour from another area at Operation Resolutions Department. Of course no one called me back. I then called back same day at 6: The agent said that would have to be done by Operation Resolutions Department. She then told me that would take hours and someone would call me back.

Of course no one did. I was then told by a supervisor that phone calls are not reviewed for that purpose by that department, and that would not happen. I asked her for an address to send a complaint letter, and she told me that she is not allowed to give out that information. She told me that there is nothing that can be done and whoever I speak with is going to tell me the same thing. I asked her to speak with a manager.

She then told me speaking to manager would take hours for a phone call to be returned to me. These are my issues with this whole process: Why am I being held to a contract where Comcast has changed the price after 2 months? Is this not discrimination against low income houses?

Is there even such a department? Why does it take up to 3 business days to speak with a manager? Is this what Comcast calls great customer service? Based on all the comments listed on the website it appears that it is useless to advise comcast of issues.

I will still submit my complaint and hope for assistance, but really have no hope other than at the end of two years when I am past your contract agreement that I was forced into I can hopefully leave you. I am tired of being angry and in tears. If it were possible to sue you for willful infliction of emotional distress I would do so. I spoke with an agent on Friday evening and cancelled my Xfinity account. My cable TV and wireless connection was supposed to be shut off at 11pm on Sunday July 16, I woke up and it has not been shut off.

I am so absolutely sick and tired of Comcast. Shut off my account right NOW. I have Direct TV coming this afternoon to install their equipment. If I do not get my account shut off today, July 17, by noon.

I am sure I have made my self very clear. I received the disconnect e-mail at 8: I was told back in May that I would be credited the fee for having to end my contract. I have been round and round with these people for over a month. I have had supervisors hang up on me and ones that just would not do there job I went for over 2 weeks trying to see if they could any way get services at my house and after that and being on the phone for over 2 hours one day the supervisor just told me no we cant.

Why are you wanting me to pay for something that is no fault of mine. If you are thinking of going with them I would highly recommend you try to find another provider if you can they are the most unhelpful and lazy people I have ever dealt with. This is the fourth time I have tried to get a response from you. Calling the local branch in Harrisburg has not gotten me anywhere.

I am not a Comcast customer at this time and never will be based on your response to complaints. I live in a planed community that has all the Comcast cable underground with indoor outlets in every home. My problem is that there is now an above-ground cable running from one of your control boxes across the outer edge of my property. In fact, a workman tripped over it and nearly fell two weeks ago.

This morning, I tried to go out of my gate to check the back of my garden shed. I very nearly hung myself on your cable which was at neck level. Apparently, someone had tossed a section of the cable over the corner of my fence so it was now hanging in the air across the gate. I see no reason for this above ground cable to exist when you have underground cable already laid. It is sad that I had no other choice but to cancel my Comcast X1 service due to the fact that Comcast could not fix my issue because I actually loved my X1 service.

I have been a Comcast subscriber since moving to GA in and have been in my same home for the past 4 plus years and my issues started roughly months ago. I gave Comcast multiple attempts at resolving my issue but the issue was never resolved so I was left with no other option but to discontinue my X1 service and look for another provider.

Once I find a new cable tv provider, I will also be discontinuing my internet service as well. I also think that when i call to explain my grievances, your customer services tries to have me pay for a wiring service monthly plan in order to investigate our issues but nothing has changed inside the house, we have not even moved our TVs since we moved to this house.

I am very disappointed in Xfinity. I mentioned this on the phone to the rep who said I was entitled to this offer. I signed up for a two year stint. This all transpired in December, Has anyone else had this problem with Comcast and what did you do to get it resolved? Feedback is most welcome. I have been trying to get someone from Comcast Business services to contact me back regarding internet, phone and TV for our church.

I have a quote in hand but I have not heard from anyone and would love for someone to contact me. We are ready to signal contract but… I have since asked for a supervisor to contact me but still 4 weeks later not one call or email!!! I guess they really do not want our business. This company has the worst customer service of any company. I wish I could post a pic or a video to show how trashy this company is.

They want customers money yet they do a half fast job. They have no respect and their very unprofessional… If I own this company I would be a shame to call this my company…. I am a Comcast Customer. Me and a lot of others agree with this. I watch that more than the one that is on my remote as channel Altoona is easier on the remote, they cover more news for this area, and all of the weather comes from the west. Not unless it was a nor-eastern.

But WTAJ covered that also. And I get to see what the weather is like 25 miles from Erie, Pa. If I wanted it east of Clinton County I would go to , ch. I already talked to WTAJ earlier this morning. Thank you for your time and convinience. My computer had shut off on me so I could continue at a point. So I got back to your web site to continue. The only phone number I can find puts me in a phone tree that insists it cannot connect me to a representative unless I have an account number.

This is not an effective way to boost your sales! Not sure you really want to have Comcast as your vendor. We asked him to remove all the new equipment as the price was prohibitive. Turned over to another dept. How can Comcast have a member of their company in my home making promises and not fulfill them. The phone rep said she would call back the following day.

Needless to say we feel that we have been misled and were lied to. And Comcast apparently could care less. They have horrible customer service and you on hold for long periods of time. They also never tell you, you are being transferred. I have no choice to get them because they are the only ones that service my area.

It says I will hear from them in 24 hours. When my late husband and I had our house built we had every room wired for Comcas we had Comcast for 4 yrs then changed to Direct TV. I should have stayed with them or Dish anyone but Comcast. I had always heard bad things about Comcast, but it worked fine for me, until I moved …. Dee, I am now afraid of talking to the humans at Comcast. Save yourself a huge headache and go to their competition.

I have been customer for42 years three months ago was supposed to be locked in a 2year contract but evert time I get a bill it goes uup first fifteen dollars then this month it was twenty five dollars more I am getting very disgusted with the way comcast handles things. I always pay my bills on time but they never do anything they say they are going to do.

This is the most frustrating thing i have to deal with, with any company. I have been under a contract for 3 or 4 months now and my bill is always different! Which means comcast is not keeping their agreement for my contract!

Which also means I dont have to honor this deal since you have not honored your side of the deal. I want someone to understand that when I have to call each and every month because my bill is not what was agreed upon is distressing to me.

I want to just keep cable and use ATT for internet and my cell phone as home phone contact! So, if you cant get my bill right by next month I will delete most of your services.

I am supposed to be locked into a 2yr contract and my bill is never the same. Just noticed they changed the cost of the bundle before taxes and fees. I may be a Sr Citizen and a woman but I refuse to let anyone rip me off. I have worked in an office all my working yrs and I never let a boss or anyone walk over me.

I have never been afraid to speak up. I was given some advice years ago by one of the best bosses I ever had. A boss who treated us all as human beings and not just numbers on a check. She told me take care of yourself because no one else will. It is a piece of advice I have followed and it has made me a stronger and better person. Ever read their core values: Spent the following day on the phone for 4 hours speaking to numerous people, got hung up on, transferred 6 times, spoke tp a Lamar, then Andrea.

This really scares my feathers up I surely agree with you that Comcast stinks Living in West Virginia unbelievable they are taking West Virginia channels off of our cable forcing asked to watch Pennsylvania channels. I have been a Comcast customer previously and never expected to be deceived. It appears to me that Comcast plans and charges are almost unethical in their attempt to rope loyal customers and others into plans that turn out to be different than discussed and temporarily agreed to for the 30 day trial period.

In my case, I am a disabled veteran, a 76 year old senior citizen with only a social security income. I was out of town for awhile and returning home on I attempted to see what had transpired. I got a man named Dominique who was somewhere out in space who then transferred me to David, supposedly an account executive who was as dumb as a door knob.

By then it was 6: No one ever called. I talked to another rep that told me plans change regularly and I was left bewildered. If enough complaints are voiced perhaps Comcast will do a much better job at customer service. They also have a Board of Directors who do not like to hear complaints from stockholders or any potential customers. No more Comcast for me and perhaps thousands more. Comcast Cable charged me for 18 months of internet services that I never had, nor did I have the equipment, and told me they could only back date 4 months.

I have spent the last 9 weeks trying to get my internet line replaced in my front yard. I have had 4 techs out that have diagnosed the problem and had 3 crews miss the appointment to replace the line.

I am at my wits end with no solution in sight. The 4th tech was out today and while talking to me his appt was canceled. When I called about it xfinity wanted to send a 5th tech out instead. Most of us are embarrassed, but out of fear of losing our jobs we quietly do what we have to do to satisfy you the customer and our managers… Its not the person on the phone or the tech who shows up.

Its the manager in the corner office who collects their huge paycheck, make all the policies under madeup peramiters, then shove it down our throats with a smile.

If you speakup against them, you magically disappear. Its corperate america at its best. Over educated, egotistical, talentless people hiding behind political correctness and diversity…. Finally, someone who works for the company speaks the truth about Xfinity. I understand how you feel- Comcast treats its loyal customer like dirt — no care I look on their website and Leaders with VP -Directors -Chairman Titles.

Know where customer dollars are going — lining pockets of these people with no care for customers. Just as an aside, I have sent a letter off to the President of the company and sent copies of that letter to the Chairs of the FCC.

I too think that if we get no responses from anyone, the time has come for a class action suit. So true i have talked with someone on chat 3 dif times over getting my credit refunded and nothing happend, i even called 3 times and nothing.

So tierd of this go here go there game they are playing pretty sure thats a no no. When confronted by either phone call or chat message, they will either rudely talk over customer or promise and not carry out their promise. Here is my case. November came around, no credit received but another over-charge. Everytime I called, I received a promise of credits would be applied next month and encouraged to pay the whatever amount they asked for.

Let me know if you need more description of Comcast. I have been trying to get my phone working last problem after weeks remaining and Comcast Xfinity decides to change my service without me every requesting such or agreeing to such and then sends me an email that they have been trying to call me to send my pin.

First, I have been calling them several times a day for week to get my phone working and then they actually try to contact me at that number and upgrade me to a service i never asked for or approved which is double the cost. I feel as if I am in the twilight zone. I am going to take them to court because I have lost clients, a lot of money, job interviews etc because I do not have a phone. Verizon wrongfully was given my during a switch and now they will not release it till Feb 1 which is not acceptable.

Verizon are monsters as well. They will never let you leave!!! Do not accept my request to cancel. I am stuck between both insane entities. Well will call headquarters of both tomorrow and drop some names of employees that should not have their jobs. I pray I get my back and comcast then does the right thing. After this gets resolved,, I have bills that are hundreds of dollars incorrect by both companies. The world we created.

It used to be so simple with Bell Atlantic. Well they say this is progress???? Until today, my only complaint was the escalating rates for services. However, today, i discovered that my service was temporarily suspended due to non-payment.

Because I bank on — line and was able to obtain my payment history from June, thru January 19, A payment from December 24, has not cleared and therefore, not processed; a payment was posted on January 19, and has not cleared, as of today. However, the payment is due January 24 as per the Comcast bill.

Yet, I was told to check with my bank regarding this matter. My bank is closed on Sundays, what about yours? Thus, I will be forced to part ways with Comcast very soon. This is bad for business to say the least. I found your broadcast of SNL on Jan.

Paying for top o the line DVR and HD equipment which is outdated and does not respond to the broadband signals being broadcast. They expect their customers to swallow their shitty stories and accept substandard service. I was told by your rep in the Net Flex section of the local Comcast office that I would have to do this on line as they could not find my account. I went on lie and went into the Net Flex account and was told it was not working — I tried another account and got the same message.

I theN found an on-line chat account and talked for over a hour with someone named Marina and she sked for my e-mail address which I gave her along with my Comcast account number — she said that she would not be able to check the Comcast account number as they do not have them at their disposal. She then asked me for the credit card number I used to set up this net flex account and I gold her that I did not use a credit card but merely used the voice box on my remote to ask for Net Flex — she then said I would have to use the up arrow to get the email or account number from the screen — I tried that and nothing come on the screen.

I told her that she she then said that I would have to look for an account number as they did not have anything at their end. May I please hear from you with an explanation as to why I received such an annoying experience and that I will defiinitely not be charged anything on my account,.

I am deeply disturb, I have numerous conversation with Comcast. I upgrade my service and scheduled for a guy to come out to install outlet and do internet. I see my bill and I have charge. I should have to have this bill reviewed it should automatic taken off. I tried posting this matter previously and it never showed up here.

I was thinking about complaining about Comcast because I thought I was the only complaint, but after seeing all these problems people are having, I decided to keep mine to myself. The customer service is stupid they hire the 3rd world people so we can not understand each other, therefore the problem does not get solved. I just spent over an hour on online chat trying to get my bill reduced because I lost my job and have had no income since July I was told nothing could change in the 24 months because I locked it in.

Funny though, Comcast can change the price on me? How is this possible? I think that is fraud! I definitely agree about sending us to another country. Apparently they have shut down the main Comcast headquarters in Flint and have little stores all over so we get to go and track them down. I called 3 numbers and they have been disconnected! They sure take my money and raise my price without a problem though.

I have had it up to my ying yang with their non caring about their customers. I have been a loyal customer for 19 freaking years and they cannot do anything for me. I am just as fed up as you for sure! I am on no contract and called and asked if they could help me with a lower rate and was told sorry at this time we have no promotions to offer. Thanks Comcast for nothing. I am 74 and because I am nearly deaf I have a captioned phone I can also save the the call so if I need to I can bring up the call and it shows me every single word they say.

I am saving all calls that I make to Comcast and they make to me this includes voicemails so they cannot say that they did not say something that they did. I told them what she said she told them and the person I talked to in Tallahassee said she never said that to them. I personally think many of their agents are there only for a paycheck. I will also check into the price of an ad in the Local Papers.

I do no normally go this route but this past week including 24 phone calls with the last call lasting nearly 2 hours, I must.

My issue would require several pages of text so I will no explain. I will state the fact that comcast has the absolute worst, even comical, customer service that I have ever been involved with.

I hope that their monopoly on internet service in my area ends and soon because no one would use comcast if they could get decent internet from other sources.

Their phone reps are rude, and have no clue as to what it means to serve with respect. You never speak with the same person and if your issue requires any work at all, you will be disconnected. I spent over 6 hours on the phone in a period of 5 days and end up owing over dollars for services I never asked for nor knew I had.

These Frauds are the worst, they first overcharged us for service that was not working, then stated they would reduce our payment if we continued service at our new residence, then stated after going with there service that since we moved they could not give us the rate.

There after charging us astronomical amount of monthly service fees, and not allowing us to view the channels we ordered and paid for. I placed an order on December 19th, online and next day someone called me from comcast and confirm me the order. Order go through as a result i got confirmation number on my e-mail. Also you guys checked my Credit history, which shows on my Credit history report. No one help me at all. I have chat history as well.

Could you tell me inorder to get service from Comcast what should i do. My experience with Comcast has just been questioned by their integrity. My daughter is battling cancer and I was guaranteed a continuance until January 6, , of when I can pay my bill in an agreement. They did an ACH withdrawal on January 1, , out of my bank account leaving me in a negative and not only was I lied to but Comcast broke their due diligence agreement with me and my family.

I will be talking to my attorney about this tomorrow. I recently underwent a similar experience, but I was lucky. Xfinity broke their scheduled appointments only 6 times in my case. Whatever happened to ethical behavior in business? All this is less than 2 weeks with Comcast!!!! I was disconnected 15 times today while on the phone with them!

I had a residential account with comcast for more than 18 years. At the recommendation of a comcast sales agent, I switched to a Home Business account. This was clearly a deceptive sale job, because, the home business does not include TV. The sales person had informed me that if I am not happy, I could switch back to a residential account within 30 days, which I did. But, they took my original telephone number and replaced it with a new temporary number. It has been approximately a month of calling and visiting there local office without any success.

I have about a half rim of chat recordings on this subject. I want my old telephone number back. My home security is tied to the old telephone number. In a case of emergency, I would not be able to contact the security company or police. This is an extremely important issue. The comcast agents have promised that some technician would come and fix the problem.

So far there has been no show. Most of the time, with the exceptions of one or two, they have been terribly rude and unprofessionals. I want my telephone number back!

I have received bullshit replies to why my installation has NOT occurred for almost 1 month inconvenienced me greatly at this point! Additionally, I purchased my own router and modem that are compatible with Comcast service as suggested by a representative. I am disgusted with the way I have had to go through loops and much unnecessary additional stress.

If this situation is not dealt with by 6pm today…I feel I am left with no other option to encourage that they to not remain Comcast customers due to this situation and treatment.

After I called them from my Hospital Bed yelling a rude rep said Oh Well were shutting service off on the 25th.. I just hung up. I called Corporate Executive Office this morning I prayed told her the truth of what ha happened. It was a mistake on there end and my end a simple misunderstanding. The Executive Office is professional helpful and respectful and I just want to say thank you God.

Thank You Corporate Executive Office. Keep up the Good work. I learned a lot from the information! I called them yesterday about my bill and got some 3rd world guy on the line that changed my service without my permission. What a way to keep a customer,change there service then refuse to give them back the one that was taken from them originally.

I have been a comcast customer for 13 yrs but that ends tonight. I just got my service yesterday, X1, tv, internet and phone, can I just say how very disappointed I am with all the issued I am having. Comcast is good as far as not dropping like other companies, but their customer service reeks of professionalism. Between yesterday and today I have spoken to approx 10 people including a supervisor in stage 2 tech support, can I just say that NOT 1 person knew what they were doing not even the Tech guy they sent to my house that did absolutely NOTHING.

Now I have been told that they have to send a technician to my home because the issue is the frequency. So a technician today that is worthless at this job and a technician tomorrow, what other headaches will this bring…………… To Be Continued. THREE Comcast Employees not only refused to help this senior citizen with disabilities but out and out lied to him giving him false employee numbers.

I tried to help and finally got an employee who DID give me a correct employee number and who was able to give me the phone number to the Comcast Headquarters innerworkings. I use to be a member of the silent majority but vowed Tuesday that I no longer will be silent. From here on out…I will not be guilty of doing nothing when a disservice is done…that is just as bad as committing the act.

Said there was an issue with wiring and they need to Repair it now. I called made Another appointment. They no showed again. I do have a life. When I called again to start putting some pressure on I get Bogota Colombia. I asked for someone in the US and am told the next call might go to India. Who is in charge of up dating the Comcast On Demand option?

As a matter of fact! Completely unprofessional liars disrespectful and rude!!! Will be reporting to the corporation. BUT I really do have to say that Edward from the corporate office was wonderful.

I wish I had spoken to more people like him in the times I had to contact Comcast. He definitely has great customer service! Interestingly enough, I have spoken with three 3 different service representatives at Comcast, and gotten three 3 different answers. Mind you I am asking about the same account each time.

Does the answer change every hour? Well a business account was installed at my address without my permission. Matter of fact Xfinity Serviced the wrong address.

You never apologized or nothing. Where is the owner? You made promises and fulfilled NONE of them. You, as in Coprpoate Customer Service, made thiese promises. You lie, lie, lie. You send unqualified technicians. You send technicians who speak no english. You, to put it mildly, suck at every single aspect of customer service. In other words, competely worthless. I made a payment on my Comcast account email and phone with an agent on Oct 2nd.

The monies were removed from my account on Oct 3rd. My services were turned off a week later. When I called Comcast the agent did not see the payment and I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor was not able to explained what happened and when asked why the internet was off but not my phone he had no idea.

The supervisor transferred me to another area who were able to get to the bottom of the issue. The first supervisor stated that he would compensate me by turning my service. I was outraged because that was not compensation nor a smart comment.

I was not only bounced around but each time I had to reverify my information and retell the horrific issue I was experiencing. This is by far the worse service EVER!! I returned to Comcast and I wonder why at this point.

I have been a loyal customer for a very long time look up my record. I would like some type of real compensation and apology. I received an alert from my identity theft protection plan that Comcast ran my credit which I did not authorize. I have to assume a fraudulent account was opened using my personal information.

I called the Comcast fraud department to notify them and instead of any sensitivity to what has happened to me, I was given a website to go to. Because I had no choice, I went to the website.

In order for me to report the fraud, I have to fill out a 6-page affidavit and get it notarized , provide a police report, a copy of 2 different type of bills and a copy of my drivers license….. You have no due diligence in place to verify that someone is using fraudulent information to open an account. Your fraud department is a joke. Instead, you are expecting me to jump through hoops to protect my credit. Today I wish I was a lawyer because I would sue you. How can a company your size not take a fraudulent report with any seriousness?

Worst customer service on the face of the planet. This is just the icing on the cake. Let me first introduce myself, my name is Mr. Gilchrist and I called your new business service center today and I have never been treated with such insolence and disrespect. My reply to this was I would like to speak with someone now to solve my issue. I know that this email probably will not reach you or if you even care is my thoughts after dealing with your employee.

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