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All for you to choose. Open daily from noon until midnight. Whether to cool in the middle of a hot ride through Old Havana to enjoy a nice quiet evening. You can book a table in our restaurant. Simply write to email, call or write directly on our website or facebook. Until one hour before. Abrimos la puerta para usted, para servirle, lo esperamos. With over excellent ratings in the largest travel site in the world.

For more than two months we have been first in the directory of restaurants tripadvisor. A resulting growth and consecrated daily work without advertising investment.

Word of mouth is spreading, not to lose the peculiar Cuban custom. The style of Cuban bars transcends our borders and this time from distant Europe, but from the hands of craftsmen of the island, comes one of the proposals of our parenthesisinHavana. Mojito Aroma Cuban is one of the specialties that gives our bar, a variant of KingofTheCocktails born in during a Spanish biennial.

In Read more about Favorite drinks […]. Our table is set with good habits, good taste and flavor to Caribbean thanks to theseafoodgrill. Yes, yes good habits! The grill with its magic that leaves us for you, products with a fantastic cooking and without harmful fats, but Read more about TheSeaFoodGrill […].

Moors and Christians is a Spanish recipe from the Canary Islands, which represents the struggle between Christians rice and Moors Jewish who lived in Spain for eight centuries and were finally expelled in Cuban recipes share the wisdom of the combination of spices and techniques or inherited by the Taino natives, and subsequently combined the Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean spices and flavors.

There are influences of African slaves who cultivated mostly in sugar cane plantations, even though in most of the cities were the minority. Read more about Concerning the Cuban kitchen or cookery […]. Lahbib mayo 21, Responder. Stive mayo 22, Responder. Daniel mayo 22, Responder. Yoni mayo 26, Responder. Eeik Hernandez mayo 28, Responder. Agregamee Me Llamo Erik ? Luis Alberto Rodriguez Bula mayo 30, Responder.

Hola soy hector eate es mi whasap Luis Gerardo junio 1, Responder. Hola me gustaria platicar contigo. Roberto junio 3, Responder. Hola m llamo Roberto si kieres saber algo mas manda un wuassat Aitor junio 3, Responder. Bryan junio 5, Responder. Paolo junio 7, Responder. Austin junio 21, Responder. Juan junio 9, Responder. Luis junio 14, Responder. Adiel junio 18, Responder. Hola me llamo manuel y busco amigas para chatear. Alexander junio 26, Responder.

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