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Hey in regards to levays satanic pentagram deos the markings in the outer circle have a particular meaning or are they there for no appernt reason been loking everywhere no answer. In some instances the sex-neutral -person is substituted for -man anchorperson; spokesperson , and sometimes a form with no suffix at all is used anchor; chair.

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There are additional payments for various feats such as winning all the tricks Vole. By the 17th century, when it caught on outside Spain, most people were playing a three-player variation called "Renegado" first described in in Madrid.

Traditionally, a Spanish card deck is used, but a French-suited deck may be substituted in which case spades correspond to swords, clubs to clubs, hearts to cups and diamonds to coins. The eights, nines and tens can be stripped out of a standard card deck to make a suitable card deck.

The rank of the cards in the game depends on whether a black long or a red round suit is chosen as trumps. The basic ranking of numerals is reversed in red suits, being 7 low; and a red suit is always one card longer than a black one of the same status, whether trump or plain.

Whoever draws the highest card from the deck becomes the dealer; the turn to deal and play rotates counter-clockwise. Before play, the dealer antes five chips to the pool, deals nine cards in batches of three, and places the remaining thirteen face down on the playing surface to form the stock, or talon. Whoever bids highest becomes Ombre, chooses trumps, and seeks to win more tricks than either opponent individually. Thus, five or more wins, and four wins if the others split three-two.

The possible bids are, from low to high:. In turn, each player may pass or bid, and having passed cannot bid again. Each bid must be higher than the last. However, a player who has made a lower bid, and not yet passed, may raise his bid to equal that of the previous player, unless overcalled again. Unless playing Solo, Ombre may make as many discards as he likes before drawing the same number from the stock. Solo or not, both opponents may then discard and draw for themselves. As it is advantageous for one of the defenders to have the stronger hand, they may agree as to which is to exchange first.

Whoever does so may draw any number of cards up to eight. Rules vary considerably as to whether any untaken cards are left down or turned face up, and the point should be agreed before play. Eldest leads first and the winner of each trick leads to the next. The trick is taken by the highest card of the suit led or by the highest trump if any are played.

Normally, suit must be followed if possible, otherwise any card may be played. Matadors, however, can only be forced by higher matadors, not by lower ones or trumps.

That is, if the player only trumps are matadors he need not follow to a trump, but may discard "Renege" instead. However, if a higher matador is led, and his only trump is a lower one, he is obliged to play it. If Ombre takes the first five tricks straight off, he can claim the game won without need for further play.

If instead he leads to the sixth, he thereby obligates himself to win all nine "Vole" , thus increasing his potential winnings or penalties. The Pentagram of the Founders. Surprisingly, the pentagram also plays an important part in the symbology of the early United States government a fact not lost on the conspiracy theorists, of course. Many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons, to whom the Pentagram is an important symbol see above. The five pointed star appears in much of our early iconography- the US flag, the Great Seal, and on our currency.

It is even to be found in the US Capitol, where the White House sits at the apex of a giant pentagram, one of many interesting features in Capitol geometry: Septuagint Codex Alexandrinus, Balak. He was the head of the family of the Belaites Numbers His possessions reached from Nebo to the Euphrates 1 Chronicles 5: Connections between the pentagram and Christianity are many.

This was not only because the pentagram was associated with the five wounds of Christ, but also because it could be drawn in a single stroke, through one continuous movement of a pen, representing beginning and end Alpha and Omega as one. However, in Nordic countries such as Norway and Sweden , the pentagram was used to ward off trolls and evil, in general, and was drawn on doors and walls. It was near Mount Hor, close by the desert of Zin. When Amaziah took it he called it Joktheel q.

It is mentioned by the prophets Isaiah It appears in later history and in the Vulgate Version under the name of Petra. The name of the city to which Lot escaped from Sodom Genesis The location of Zoar has much to do with that of the cities of the Plain or Valley of Siddim, with which it is always connected.

The traditional location of the place is at the south end of the Dead Sea. Eusebius Onomasticon, locates the Dead Sea between Jericho and Zoar, and speaks of the remnants of the ancient fertility as still visible. The Arabian geographers mention it under the name Zughar, Sughar, situated 1 degrees South of Jericho, in a hot and unhealthful valley at the end of the Dead Sea, and speak of it as an important station on the trade route between Akkabah and Jericho.

The place has not been definitely identified by modern explorers, but from Genesis If we fix upon the south end of the Dead Sea as the Vale of Siddim, a very natural place for Zoar and one which agrees with all the traditions would be at the base of the mountains of Moab, East of Wady Ghurundel, where there is still a well-watered oasis several miles long and 2 or 3 wide, which is probably but a remnant of a fertile plain once extending out over a considerable portion of the shallow south end of the Dead Sea when, as shown elsewhere see DEAD SEA , the water level was considerably lower than now.

Robinson would locate it on the northeast corner of el-Lisan on the borders of the river Kerak, but this was done entirely on theoretical grounds which would be met as well in the place just indicated, and which is generally fixed upon by the writers who regard the Vale of Siddim as at the south end of the Dead Sea. Conder, who vigorously maintains that the Vale of Siddim is at the north end of the Dead Sea, looks favorably upon theory of W.

Birch that the place is represented by the present Tell Shaghur, a white rocky mound at the foot of the Moab Mountains, a mile East of Beth-haram Tell er-Rameh , 7 miles Northeast of the mouth of the Jordan, a locality remarkable for its stone monuments and well-supplied springs, but he acknowledges that the name is more like the Christian Segor than the original Zoar.

Also the Australian author Anne Hamilton clears up the history of the pentagram by marrying word and number together and finding that it represents equal relationships as in love in unity, trinity, eternity, cross, tree of sacrifice, logos, integrity, faith but most of all a powerful protective force of love if upward pointed.

Downward rejects trinity spiritually and in unity with male and female, human and divine. The mathematics say it all better than any sermon which I have no time for. Its not about a brand of religion its about a code that crosses into the Torah, the Koran and the Bible. Even if someone read all of our posts. God as in The great eturnal moment of now. An era that lasted years. The silver age started the system is coming around the turn. Its Time to wake up sheeple. It seems often missed that symbols are based in nature.

Many plants grow in 5, as Fibonacci observed. Their leaves often project this. The cross, for example is really the intersection of the vertical axis with horizon. It enabled us to square ourselves with the roundness of earth making us more comfortable, as well as leading us to the concept of a right angle. The The pentagon, along with the square eventually lead us the Pythagorean theorem ultimately enabling us to discover calculus giving us the means to explore our solar system and beyond.

Of course this is because, for some reason, we can think logically and analyse the world. I am a supernatural fangirl is why I chose this symbol.. I know why the pentagram was scratched in the caves.

They seen it come in from the night skies. I have seen a set of stars coming in from the night skies myself in over the last five years. They rose up out of the south skies.

The came in on the left side of the sun. If all else holds true they will come back around on the right side of the sun in early morning hours.

We have around five years let. Do you know this symbol and how it works well in magical spell casting? A Grace is a circle, square,circle and an 8 pointed Star drew in a continues line like a pentagram. I know why the pattern was scratched into the cave walls and its true. They seen it in the night sky growing closer and closer. Because I too have seen the pattern in the night sky. It came in over a three year period. Well researched and written. I write this to balance out the some of the negative comments.

Now before i waste my time here, i want to see if you are still tending this article here and then I will converse and inform you. What is the name of a star, thats in the form of a pentacle, but instead of it being a right side up star, the tip of the star does not meet or complete, and instead the lines go up to the circle as to not form a tip??

TY, it is simply the design, I have seen a few pendants made in this way, they are the same as a complete pentacle they just merge with the circle and so it is still eternal. According to me pentagram is more than a symbol in other words its more of a portal that connects different world.

Instead of directly saying it as a portal it can be said as KEY to those portals. If im correct i have seen some exorcists use them as a symbol to banish the demons. Forgot to mention this Basically human beings are made of two types: In other words we can in every human there resides an angel and a devil what happens when the good person opens up this portal and the bad person opens up the portal?

Will the outcome be the same? Power has no sense of mortal,.. To seek power, is not to be thought of ,in mundane terms.. I will rule the World! I wish you good fortune and power…. I would add that the phi ratio 1. Inscribe a smaller pentagon at the center of the pentagram so that every corner of the pentagon touches the inner corners of the star.

The ratio between the arm length of the star and any one side of the pentagon are 1: This ratio is ubiquitous in nature the human body, galaxy spirals, hurricane spirals, pinecones, etc. I believe that anything in this world can be used for good or bad. I am doing some studies on pentagrams and stumble across one that has me baffle.

I would like anyone to reply that has knowledge about what practice of the arts that might use a pentagram similar to this! And what spell or ritual this might be?

It has a horned figure in it which I figure represents the horn god, also it has a kneeling figure in a white robe with dark hair and stumps on the back which I feel represent a fallen angel maybe. Also what is unusual is instead of solid lines it has like stitch lines like in sewing. The ritual perform with this pentagram involves sexual transgression on the intended victim and after they bring this feeling they beat and belittle the victim with no mercy they also come after the victim in the physical world.

They use items that might leave bruises on the victim in the shape of dog prints and inverted crosses. A very brutal ritual or spell. The victim is belittle in public by people also. It is a old pentagram and I have no picture of it to send being it is not mine. I have found very little on it only that it is a very ancient pentagram and ritual. Any information would be helpful and I would be very grateful for.

Post any information on my web site or email if it pleases you. What your witness to is the use of the pentagram in the crusification of Jesus or the angle Emmanuel. The people who initated the killing of Jesus had to do so in the spiritual context before the physical so they perform the rights or curse on his spiritual body before the physical body.

Everyone thinks that the religions are not connected but they all are ie. True faith or connection to God does not need any of these practices. The short version is yes. I will not stray from that info, as I am an Eastern Star bound by our rules. However, it is public knowledge that the five points of the star represent five heroines from the Bible: Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha, and Electa.

The meetings open and close with prayers and, too often, we offer prayers for those members we have lost. Our order provides scholarships for high school graduates going to college to become teachers, as well as supporting causes foe dyslexia, among others. What, exactly, are you basing your ideas off of Jesse? I want to l want to know what historical text you are using to back up your claims. Did your pastor tell you that? Are you getting it from some conspiracy website or crackpot blogger?

I want to know where you got the idea that the pentagram is a Satanic symbol. The director told them in no uncertain terms that there would be no sequel. There is a fan theory in which people think David doesn't actually physically change into a werewolf; instead what they are seeing is what he thinks he looks like. This is supported by the fact that when the first werewolf attacks David and was shot dead, no transformation back to a human was shown.

In the case of David, no transformation back to human after he's shot dead by the police is seen, and even though Alex witnesses him getting killed she doesn't display a shocked expression at seeing him revert to human form. It may be assumed therefore the move is a metaphorical representation of him losing his sanity after witnessing Jack get killed. Griffin Dunne said about Rick Bakers makeup process "he made the six hours bearable.

The makeup's on, and then it constricts and then it pulls on your skin and then it has to be loosened up; you have people fussing with you; you want to pass out from the fumes. The glue is kind of like airplane glue, so it wasn't comfortable,They've come up with so many different techniques since then, so it was early pioneer stuff". The werewolf attack scene at the beginning was filmed in a London Park around Buckingham Palace.

The Slaughtered Lamb also has another meaning to it as Jack and David leave after being asked to by the pubgoers without explaining their reason is like a lamb to the slaughter;they do it without knowing that something bad is going to happen and therefore act calmly and without fighting against the situation which ends with them both getting attacked by the werewolf.

David Naughton points out how confident Landis was in Rick Baker's spectacular make-up effect work during Jack's first undead visit. David Naughton was very cranky during the rain sequence singing Santa Lucia as it was "freezing cold". John Landis says how people always mistake the movie as a comedy he quipped "Its not a comedy. People keep calling it a comedy, it's very funny I hope, but it is a horror film. We meet these guys in a truckload of sheep. This is not subtle.

I mean these boys are dead by the end of the movie. That's not really a happy tale". Even though David and Jack are supposed to be college students at N. Which is a moot point, since people have been known to attend college at any adult age.

The werewolf transformation is only about two minutes long. In the long shot, When Dr. Hirsch sees the newspaper about the murders, look behind him, you'll see a double-decker bus that is the same bus that David gets on in the next scene, it even goes in the same direction. Stuntman Vic Armstrong played the bus driver, who swerves to avoid the werewolf in Piccadilly Circus. A special rear wheel rig was created that used air rams to fire a set of wheels positioned ninety degrees from the bus' normal rear axle down onto the pavement, lifting up the bus' real rear wheels to cause a one hundred eighty degree skid.

Armstrong also drove the car that knocked John Landis through a shop window, and performed a head-on collision with another stunt driver's car, both men driving at fifteen miles per hour to minimize the impact, which injured Armstrong's wrists for three weeks, after forgetting to take his hands off the steering wheel before impact.

Hirsch was cast at short notice, after the first two choices left the project. In it's earliest incarnation, John Landis had wanted Donald Sutherland for his lead. Landis had worked with Sutherland on the set of Kelly's Heroes , which is where he got the idea for a werewolf movie in the first place. Was released into theaters August 21, , eighteen days after John Landis ' thirty-first birthday on August third.

It took 5 hours to add the undead makeup to Griffin Dunne except the scene at the end at the porno theater in Piccadilly Circus which was simply a puppet. Griffin Dunne revealed in a interview that "Nobody ever broke character; nobody ever came up and talked to us like, "Hey, kids, how are you liking America?

They just looked at us like we were cursed. In , it was revealed that Screenwriter Max Landis , son of John Landis , will be writing and directing a remake of the film. The player throwing darts, in the match on television, that David watches in Alex's flat, is Rab Smith and his opponent Cliff Lazarenko.

The picture was released during an early-mid s cycle of werewolf movies. The Howling III David Naughton spends forty percent of the movie nude. When Rick Baker first met David Naughton he said to him "I feel very sorry for you" due to the very long makeup processes he'll be enduring. In the scene where David walks outside of Alex's house to say goodbye to her when she is going to work at her job as a nurse, two things happen. First of all, a Jack Russell Terrier barks at him.

Second of all, a orange tabby cat hisses at him. These two happenings could be considered the first tangible, or obvious, evidence that he is now a werewolf. Immediately after this, David realizes that he is locked out of Alex's house, symbolizing his growing separation from humanity he is "locked out" of humanity.

The moors were filmed around the Black Mountains in Wales. When the barmaid insists to the men in the pub they should go after Jack and David, and the chess player says, "Should the world know our business? Despite the movie being about a man who becomes a werewolf, David doesn't become a werewolf until fifty-nine minutes into the movie. The opening scenes were filmed in Wales, as a more convenient substitute for Northern England. David and Alex's love scene was trimmed by the irish censor when first theatrically released in Ireland.

David Naughton described Jenny Agutter as "a class act. I'd been a student at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts a few years before and had a total crush on her, having seen her playing the stable girl in Equus at the Royal Court theatre, where I'd been an usher". Universal Studios' Halloween event in Orlando Florida, "Halloween Horror Nights" had a walk through maze based on this movie, it was voted the best maze at the event.

Due to its popularity, Universal Studios Orlando has confirmed that the house will return for the Halloween Horror Nights 25 this year The skit was intended as a present for John from Max.

There are three versions of the song "Blue Moon" one as the opening credits song by Bobby Vinton , another during David's first transformation by Sam Cooke , and the third one is the closing credits song by The Marcels.

In the subway tunnel, a poster for the Special Edition re-release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind is visible.

John Landis , at the time, was friends with Steven Spielberg. The London Underground station used in the film, is Tottenham Court Road, and the name sign is visible in some shots. It was refurbished in the late s. The platform, with the train arriving and departing, is the northbound Northern Line platform. This is not Aldwych station, as previously reported.

John Woodvine , as Dr. Hirsch, makes a remark on the phone, about surviving Rommel. Woodvine, born in , would have been only fifteen at the time of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel 's death. John Landis wanted a weird, eerie ambience for the night shots he stated "So that wolf howl you hear was actually made up of about nine different sounds, including a wolf, a lion, a panther, and even a locomotive.

The other sound you hear, after that first attack out on the moors, was actually a pig farm, recorded from a distance.

It was just something to make audiences say: The two-minute transformation sequence, where Kessler strips down before agonizingly turning into a werewolf. Still considered one of the best in cinematic history in terms of practical special effects, much of the scene was filmed with David Naughton in a hole underneath the set's elevated floor with only his head and arms sticking out.

Along with the teeth, prosthetics and fur, Naughton was fitted with glass contact lenses. In fact, the actor routinely spent up to five hours a day in the makeup chair. You guys were talking while I was in the floor wondering if I was going to get out of here today.

In the subway scene, just as the chase between man and beast commences, posters for Airplane! It is unknown if Jack and all six of David's victims were free of the curse and able to move on to the afterlife after David gets shot to death. John Landis stated about Elmer Bernstien writing the score as "a big, bombastic, frightening piece of music". Although, instead of a Police Constable, he played a Chief Superintendent.

John Landis used his own middle name for the character of David. Humphrey Bogart can be seen in two posters in Alex's apartment. There is one for Casablanca on the front wall in the living room, and there's a black-and-white solo shot of Humphrey Bogart in the kitchen.

It turned out to be a non-starter. When Broccoli read the script, he told Landis, "Hell no, it's weird! John Landis stated in an interview his inspiration for the film "was the old s horror movie, The Wolf Man , starring Lon Chaney Jr. Although the film did have alot of comedy, i wanted to treat the violence realistically to make it as terrible as violence always is".

David Naughton had no reason to believe making the horror-comedy classic would be anything but a stress-free and relaxing experience. David Naughton expressed concern about typecasting, suggesting he was mostly being offered horror scripts after the movie became a hit. In retrospect, Naughton says it wasn't so much the genre he was avoiding. So, yeah, I was not in any hurry to go out and do anything related to hours of makeup, prosthetics; any of that business. In a interview David Naughton revealed he's not surprised that affection for the film has not dwindled over the years.

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